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University of Guelph Powers Campus With Biomass

by on Sep 7th, 2011

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The University of Guelph’s Ridgetown Campus unveiled a new bio-digester that will produce biomass power for the campus and the community.

Funded by a federal program aimed at injecting development, innovation and economic diversification in Southern Ontario, the $2.6 million digester is set to produce 250-kilowatt hours of electricity and has the capacity to produce the same amount of heat energy as well, reported an article published in the Chatham Daily News.

“This is one of the ways we can produce renewable electricity in our community. It’s unique in that . . . this can run 24-7 so we can produce hydro at the same level all the time,” said Art Schaafsma, director of the Ridgetown Campus. “”We can heat about five acres of greenhouse with the heat that comes from this facility.”

The biomass facility is also expected to open up some opportunities for people in Ridgetown – a region just South of London, Ontario – according to Dave Van Kesteren, the MP for Chatham-Kent Essex.

“This it really cool stuff, its got possibilities, huge possibilities,” he told the Chatham Daily News. “If we can create the technology, sell the goods but also sell the technology abroad, now we’ve added another component.”

This technology could also help create jobs in the region and create a new revenue source for farmers, said Van Kesteren.

“We want to start training (operators) here so we get the great people, because those great people will go into the greenhouses, they’ll come up with this innovation, these great ideas and next thing you know we’ll be exporting,” the MP said.

Chatham Daily News: “Turning Biomass Into Biogas”

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