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Tembec inaugurates new $29M anaerobic treatment facility to reduce fossil fuel use

by on Oct 12th, 2012

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Pulp and paper producer Tembec Inc. has officially inaugurated a new anaerobic treatment facility which will produce methane biogas and greatly reduce the use of fossil fuels at its high-yield pulp mill in Matane, Québec.

The announcement of the investment was made earlier this year.  The upgrade is phase one of an overall $310-million investment. Funding for this investment was provided mainly by the Government of Canada with $19.7-million and $6.3-million from the Quebec government. The overall project represents a total investment of $29 million – $3 million for the installation of the new electric boiler and $26 million for the anaerobic facility.

The projects consists of two main initiatives, firstly the new anaerobic treatment facility, which treats effluent and collects methane gas produced by the treatment process. The biogas will be used as fuel in the mill’s pulp-drying process, replacing light oils currently used. Secondly, the installation of a new electric boiler, which replaces a heavy oil fueled boiler. These two project components together aim to reduce by approximately 90% the use of oil as fuel sources for the generation of the Matane mill’s various pulp drying and process steam requirements.

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