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Norway & UK Dig Deeper Into Biorefining

by on Jul 7th, 2011

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Two countries looking to expand their opportunities in biorefining have joined forces to help each other seek out the full potential of the industry. Norway and the U.K. have been working together to identify the short and long-term areas for growth and potential within the sector, says an article published by Biorefining Magazine.

The report compiled by Innovation Norway and the U.K.’s Technology Strategy Board identified three short-term areas of opportunity:

1. Both countries could benefit from “using microalgae for omega oils for the aquaculture industry and for bioactive ingredients for the consumer goods industries.”
2. An opportunity in utilizing marine wastes “as a source of bioactive molecules for the consumer goods industry.”
3. Using woody biomass for bulk chemicals and fuels.

For the long-term, the report indicated “the joint venture sees one opportunity in using lignin from the pulping industry for feedstock to make high-value chemicals, and the use of macroalgae for chemicals and fuels production.”

Biorefining is a process that converts biomass into fuel, power and heat. This can take both the form of “recycled energy” as mills – such as pulp & paper mills for example – capture energy being used in their day to day process or excess biomass and/or waste can be burned off to create energy. In both scenarios, mills can then use this new found energy to power their own facility. In some cases, the energy can also be stored and sold to external power grids.

“These opportunities are the starting point for a more detailed investigation of innovation needs and the underpinning research required to realize these opportunities,” the report said.

Biorefining Magazine: Norway, UK Outline 7 Ways To Develop Biorefining Industry

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