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Learning More About The Thurso Pulp Mill – Part 2

by on Nov 15th, 2010

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In a previous article, we told you a little about the history of the Thurso pulp mill. This article provides you with some more information about the facility, including some technical specs for the Western Quebec mill.

The recent arrival of large digesters floating down the Ottawa River was a sign that the conversion process at Thurso’s pulp mill was about to get underway. The digesters are key components to the transformation of pulp into specialized cellulose (also known as dissolving pulp) – a product used in the creation of rayon.

Converting the mill from a northern bleached hardwood kraft pulp manufacturer to a highly specialized dissolving pulp producer has always been the goal of the mill’s newest owner, Vancouver-based Fortress Paper Ltd.

The mill provides many assets for the creation of dissolving pulp such as a batch pulping system with good
capacity, a suitable wood basket, wood species segregation in the woodyard, and a paved yard so dirt issues are minimized.

The new equipment purchased from Finald’s Stora Enso is not only beneficial to the dissolving process – they are essential. The three digesters as well as filtrate and liquor tanks, the oxygen delignification system, and a new screw conveyor system used to feed the digesters are all necessary components added to the mill to create dissolving pulp.

The mill’s current eight digesters used for making northern bleached hardwood kraft pulp will no longer be used, however they may come in handy in the future when Fortress looks to expand into more biorefinage.
Fortress Paper expects the conversions at the Thurso pulp mill to be complete by mid-2011.

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