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Japanese Crisis Effecting Specialty Cellulose Producers

by on Apr 13th, 2011

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Japan’s recent and ongoing tragic are impacting a variety of industries, including the niche Specialty Cellulose market.

Specialty cellulose is used for a number of applications including consumer electronics.  Electronics makers such as Sony and Toshiba, have had to close down their plants due to the tsunami, earthquakes, power outages.

Japan’s crisis has impacted ultra-purified wood cellulose producers for specialty applications in LCD (liquid crystal display) screen. “TAC” or Tri-Acetyl Cellulose, is the type of specialty cellulose used in LCDs and the films made from it are critical components of LCD panels used for flat panel TV’s, smartphones, tablets, medical diagnostic imaging equipment and GPS devices in automobiles.

End users demand high quality specialty cellulose for number of applications including; construction and building products, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and personal care, paper coating, oil drilling and coatings. The fibre is used in rayon , cellophane film, detergents, celluloid (photo film), wallpaper glue, explosives, tires, food thickeners for ice cream and other foods, agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and eyewear.

One of the main products created from dissolved pulp is rayon. While rayon is predominately used in the textile industry to make silk-like clothing, it is also used for plastic products such as cellophane and film.  Vancouver based Fortress Paper Ltd., is part of this niche specialty cellulose market. The Fortress Specialty Cellulose Mill is located in Quebec, Canada.  Their pulp business includes NBHK production at the Fortress Specialty Cellulose Mill and Fortress Paper plans to convert this capacity into dissolving pulp production along with the construction of a biomass based cogeneration plant.  To learn more about Specialty Cellulose and Fortress Paper, please visit: and




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